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Workshop timetable Signed up yet?

We’re curious what you have to offer

You would like to share your knowledge, give tips, or discuss tricks or a certain theme?

Amazing, but we’re still preparing!

Once we’ve finalized the workshops schedule for the convention we will share the timetable here so you can plan in advance (roughly a week before the convention).

As there are always last minutes workshops being added there will be an up to date schedule at the convention location near the main hangar entrance.

You can go right to our Workshop Registration page for more information about registering your workshop.

The workshops already registered are down below.


Last stand of registered workshops


Acrobatics & Yoga

  • Morning Yoga (all levels) – Eva
  • Dynamic Wakeup Yoga (all levels) – Max
  • Acrobatics and Dance Moves (all levels) – Rika and Habibi
  • AcroYoga & Props Trick Sharing (all levels) – Eva

Hula Hoop

  • Hula Hoop for Kids (beginner) – La Hula Lady (Katharina)
  • Hula Hoop dance – Just move (beginner) – Mareike
  • Hula Hoop – horizontale off body Variationen und lift offs (beginner) – Julia
  • Hula Hoop Tricks & Flow (all levels) – Eleni
  • Hula Hoop Paddle & Break (advanced) – Anbelyn (Anne)
  • Twin Hoop Workshop (beginner) – La Hula Lady (Katharina)
  • Movement with Hoop (all levels) – Jenny


  • Flowerstick Fingerspiel/Drehen/Jonglieren (beginner) – Marcel
  • Flowerstick Fingerspiel/Drehen/Jonglieren (all levels) – Marcel
  • Flowerstick next level (advanced) – Remo
  • Tanzen mit Flower Stick (beginner) – Riccardo


  • Jonglieren für Anfänger (beginner) – Marcel und Philipp


  • Beginning with Poi-Flowers (advanced) – Till
  • Nutzlose Poi – ein Austauschsworkshop (all levels) – TIll

Dragon Staff

  • PartnerIn Dragon – learning together (advanced) – Gerald

Dancing with Tools

  • Candles Dancing Group Choreo (all levels) – Gerald
  • Let’s dance! Improvisierte Bewegung mit Prop (all levels) – Lea

Multi Prop

  • Von Anfänger für Anfänger – Poi / Staff / Dragonstaff (beginner) – Uwe
  • Slow Flow mit Prop (all levels) – Candela Bro (Daniel)


  • AcroYoga & Props Tricksharing (all levels) – Eva
  • Double Hoop Tricksharing (advanced) – Eva
  • Contact Stab Tricksharing (all levels) – Yoran


  • Firstburner + FeuerAnfängerIn – Alles ganz in Ruhe erklärt (beginner) – Jacqui
  • Fooling Theater – Improtheater-Workshop der anderen Art (all levels) – Daphne (Julia)
  • Bau dir deinen eigenen Flowerstick (all levels) – Marcel
  • Riesenseifenblasen selber machen (everybody) – Carolin
  • Kräuterwanderung (beginner) – Jenny

Interested? Of course you're interested!

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination, kindled your curiosity, and are eager to participate.

If you’re also looking forward to learn more about the con, and not miss any update, there’s only one thing left to do…