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Give a workshop at Ostflimmern? That's awesome!

We’re curious what you have to offer

You would like to share your knowledge, give tips, show your passion, or discuss tricks or a certain theme?

Then it would be perfect for you to offer a workshop or lead a trick-sharing session at the convention and share your passion! In the sense of from the community, for the community!

We are looking forward for all subjects where something beautiful, new or interesting is being shared. Next to the “classic” workshops where you can show new tricks there is also space for more out of the box ideas…

Some inspiration

  • Wim Hof Breathing & An introduction to ice bathing
  • Yoga & Mobility
  • Hoop Tricks & Dancing
  • Herb collecting in the forest
  • Movement & Animal Movement
  • Dazzling your Audience with 4 Poi
  • Playfights
  • Massage & Meditation
  • Contact Staff for Beginners
  • Women & Men Circles
  • Jam Sessions & Singing

Also take a look at some of the workshops we had at FeuerCamp in 2018 and 2019.

In case you’re still unsure if the theme is fitting you can send us a quick email to check, and we’ll see together if it fits


Apply for a workshop! With the registration form below you can explain what kind of workshop you want to give. Almost anything goes, as long as we have the space! If you prefer to fill out the form offline, you can download a pdf version as well.

Of course, it is also possible to organize a spontaneous workshop at the convention, but if you already know what you want to share, it’s easier for us to plan in advance.

Additionally, if there are too many applications we would have to make a selection, so don’t wait too long with applying!

We close the admissions one week before the convention starts to enable us to create a schedule for the workshops. We will post the plan on our website the moment it’s ready.

Fill out the sign up form!