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Tickets & Booking 17-20th of May

We’re officially sold out, there are no tickets at the gate!



Ticket information


We’ve got two types of tickets available, for adults (18+), and for children (7-17, naturally accompanied by an adult). Kids below 7 years don’t need a ticket. Fortunately we’ve managed to keep the prices the same as last year.

  • Adult ticket: € 70,-
  • Kids ticket: € 35,-

We only have 230 tickets available for 2024, so don’t wait too long!

There is no on site ticket sales, so please make sure to book online in advance.


If you are accompanying somebody else’s child, you are required to have the following document printed and signed: “Elternschein“. If a child wants to play with fire the following document also needs to be printed and signed: “Feuerspiel-Erlaubnis“.

Discounted or helper tickets?

There are no discounted or helper tickets, everyone pays the same price, including the organizing team.

Payment methods

To reserve and book your ticket we partnered up with Ticket Tailor, you can pay directly in the ticket shop with various methods.

Most German bank accounts can use Giropay, enter your bank’s BIC to find it. Credit cards are also accepted.

This year we can also offer Paypal, but request you to try the other payment methods first as Paypal quite a bit more expensive for us.

If you can’t use any of the available payment methods or run into any trouble please let us know!


And now without further ado, the tickets are available!

Interested? Of course you're interested!

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination, kindled your curiosity, and are eager to participate.

If you’re also looking forward to learn more about the con, and not miss any update, there’s only one thing left to do…