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-Com. All Hands-


-Com. All Hands-

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-Com. All Hands-


-Com. All Hands-








Museumsstraße 1
16244 Schorfheide

(Link Google Maps)

The entrance is occupied:
Friday, May 17, from 12:00 to 20:00

  • If you arrive outside this time slot (Friday after 8pm, Saturday or Sunday), you can call the entrance to get your wristband and be admitted (phone number at the entrance)

Community All Hands – daily in the evening approx. 15 min:

  • Here you will be updated with the important information regarding what’s happening the coming 24 hours at Ostflimmern
  • Feel free to share your own thoughts!

Monday, May 20, until 1:00 p.m.

  • Take your garbage with you when you depart so that we can leave the site clean than we found it



This year we are organizing an OpenStage for the first time and would be delighted if you would like to be a part of it. Show the others what you can do! Or do you already have an act that you want to play in front of an audience?

OpenStage is open on Saturday evening – come in, watch or/ and perform. Have fun!

  • If we have aroused your interest and for further information send an e-mail to:
  • Here is a little information in advance:
    • Short act with or without fire (max. 5 min)
    • No Pyro/Lyco/Charcoal/Fire spitting
    • Due to equipment restrictions no aerial acts

Workshops & Tricksharing

As a community, the main reason for the convention is “SHARING”, so the workshop offers are free for all Ostflimmern guests and initially without registration.

All participants of the Ostflimmern Convention, you and us, are invited to offer workshops and participate in workshops.

  • If you would like to share your knowledge and skills, you can register your workshop here!
  • Status as of 21.4.2024: 15 workshops are already in the pipeline, mostly advanced or special workshops
  • Please think about it: Who can offer beginner workshops? Get in touch – we would all be delighted!
  • As a provider of a (building & craft) workshop, you are welcome to collect your material costs as a material donation before the workshop

Workshop schedule


The FireSpace is open to all Ostflimmern guests from sunset to sunrise…

…as long as there is an active Firesafty team.

The Firespace is open to all levels to have fun dancing with the flames.

Call for help: as an experienced fire player, you are welcome to take on a safety shift (FireSafety).

Fire Rules

  • Only the approved Firespace may be used to play with fire
  • Please only use the lamp oil from the environmentally safe dipping station. Do not bring your own lamp oil We will provide the lamp oil for you
  • We use high-quality, highly purified oil
  • You agree to handle all fire utensils and the fuel provided by Ostflimmern responsibly
  • You shake out your tools correctly after dipping / we will also help you
  • You do not wear synthetic clothing when playing with fire
  • You also pay attention to other fire players when playing and leave space
  • If you want to play fire on the FireSpace, you must take part in the “FireSpace Safety & Dipping Briefing”

FirstBurner/ Playing fire for the first time

You summon up your courage and take the opportunity to play with fire for the first time? Great! 🙂

We would like to give you the following important information and advice.

  • Take part in our first-burner workshop, where we explain and show you how to use fire tools, dipping, fire safety and much more
  • Have your tools checked by us beforehand
  • When playing with fire, have a person who only keeps an eye on you and watches out for you

Make sure you wear suitable clothing and put together your fire player equipment in this form:

  • Only wear clothing made from natural fibers, e.g. linen, cotton or leather (without synthetics)
  • Protect your hair with a scarf or hat (without synthetics)
  • Spray uncovered hair with water
  • Protect your hands and arms e.g. with cuffs, long-sleeved shirts
  • Wear tight-fitting clothing without tassels or long pompoms because long threads catch fire quickly and your tool gets caught in them
  • Less exposed skin = fewer (nasty) burns
  • Wear suitable, danceable, sturdy shoes

Bring along for your own care after playing with fire:

  • a separate FirePlay towel (gets sooty with almost every hand wash)
  • Washcloth, cleaning brush for hands, fingers
  • Mild cleanser for the skin to get rid of lamp oil and soot
  • Skin care cream after playing (face, body)
  • Burn ointment in case things do go wrong

If you have any questions before the con, please use our Telegram Ostflimmern Convention chat.


This year we made it! There is a sauna for all of us.

The sauna is free of charge for Ostflimmer guests from Friday to Sunday whenever the sauna team is ready.

  • Help the sauna team whenever necessary
  • Please use your own “sauna towel” in the sauna
    • Not to be confused with the “FirePlayer towel” or dish towel
  • Have fun, sweat well!

Offers from the community

Massage Tent

For a donation, you can be cared for in the massage tent during the convention. You can get more information on site.

Chai offer

For a donation and armed with your own cup, you can get freshly made, delicious chai at the hot drinks station on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

FlowMarkt > SecondHand, New FireTools

Do you still have old or unused tools in the cellar? No problem, bring them along to our FlowMarkt on Saturday. Because what could be more fun than seeing an unused tool fly again? There will be plenty of time for test flows and first tricks.

You are sure to meet some (fire) tool builders in person, who are sure to delight you with their latest creations. Here you can have them repaired or upgraded, trade and haggle.

Ostflimmern Spaces

The convention is growing and with it our prepared areas for you and us. There are:

FlowSpace (Workshops)

  • The FlowSpace is centrally located next to the ChillOut
  • In very sunny weather in the shade of the trees near the ChillOut
  • You can find the workshop schedule in the hangar

Movement Space (Workshops)

  • Trees provide shade
  • You will find them at the Firespace between the two hangars
  • You will find the workshop plan in the hangar


  • Here you can find the living and daily updated workshop plan
  • Sheltered option if the weather ⛈ is awful: The hangar is a large hall (formerly an aircraft maintenance hangar) with a high ceiling & a large door
  • There is a stove that we can light as a small heat source. Unfortunately, the stove is not enough to really heat up the room

ChillOut Area

  • A covered chill-out area can be found next to the campfire. Shade during the day, a roof at night, we start with carpet
  • Everyone is welcome to bring something to chill out on (own mat, pillow, blanket)

Enchanted forest (possibly workshops)

  • Behind the cooking & eating zone, towards the kiosk, you will find the enchanted forest on the right for chill time – an magical, peaceful atmosphere with hammocks
  • Here you are welcome to hang your hammock, with tree protection, between the trees

Meditation forest (possibly workshops)

  • A simple and quiet place to meditate and calm down
  • You’ll find it behind the hangar in the woods

Slackline Area

  • You are welcome to set up your slackline here with appropriate tree protection
  • You’ll find plenty of space in the woods at Wald-Camping

BlacklightSpace (at night)

  • Suitable for LED tools
  • Can be found at the FireSpace between the two hangars

Campfire (at night)

  • An opportunity to socialize, warm up, chat and sing
  • You’ll find it between the hangar and FireSpace

Ostflimmern grounds

Click here for an interactive map of the convention site.

  • The convention will take place on the grounds of the Finowfurt Aviation Museum. We are therefore also guests; don’t be surprised about curious museum visitors and be nice to them 🙂
  • All exhibits on the site are part of this historical museum. They may not be climbed on, altered or used as fortifications. The hangars may not be climbed on either! Please ensure that these historically valuable individual items are handled sensibly


  • PROHIBITION of gas stoves and open fires (neither in bowls nor baskets) in the camping areas
  • USE only our public cooking area, with your gas stove, and for washing up
  • We have set up a communal cooking and dining area with tables and benches as well as a washing-up line
    Exception: YOU have a camper and the gas cooker is permanently installed in the camper and you have a valid gas test (yellow license)
  • Put a tarpaulin under your vehicle to catch any leaking liquids
  • The campsites are rest areas. Please be considerate of each other and pay attention to the noise level and the night’s rest

Forest Camping

Primarily suitable for camping. You can drive to the camping site by car and unload. Then please park your car in the parking lot.

If it is not possible, you can park in front of the hangar and unload, so the way is shorter; please also park your car in the parking lot afterwards.

Camping 1/ Camping 2/ Camping 3

Plenty of space, little shade, suitable for vehicles and tents.

Sanitary facilities

Toilet containers

  • You will find some at the public cooking area near the forest camping, and several at the sauna area behind camping 3
  • Toilet, paper towels and soap are not intended for washing off soot after the fire. (There is a hand washing station at the FireSpace)
  • Self-service – use, tidy up, leave clean
  • If necessary, refill toilet paper

Shower container

  • You will find several near the sauna area behind Camping 3
  • Self-service – use, tidy up, leave clean
  • Please keep/make showers, basin, floor clean
  • Hot water is limited by the boiler
  • If the water gets cold – please wait a little – then there will be hot water again

FirePlayer hand washing station

  • New: we are setting up a special hand-washing station between FireSpace and forest camping.
  • FirePlayer awareness:
    • Everyone please use your own “FirePlayer towel & soap”!
    • Please leave paper towels and soap in the toilet for toilet hygiene
    • Do not only clean yourself, but also the sanitary room
    • Do NOT use the wash-up station to wash your hands

Wastewater tank

  • In the washing-up area. Only here should all gray and dirty water be emptied.

Power supply

  • Unfortunately, there is no power supply for motorhomes
  • We will organize a charging station for smartphones and small devices for you

Eating, drinking & washing up

Public cooking and dining area

  • Do-It-Your-Selft service – use, tidy up, leave clean
  • USE our public cooking area exclusively, with your gas stove and for washing up
  • We have set up a communal cooking and dining area with tables and benches
  • Please bring your own dishes, cutlery and cups!
  • Please bring your own gas stove and all cooking utensils
  • We have no facilities to keep anything cool (no fridges, no storage facilities for perishable food)

Hot beverage station

  • Do-It-Your-Selft service – use it, tidy it up, leave it clean
  • Here you will find a public water boiler
  • Bring your ingredients and prepare your hot drinks
  • Community action: You are welcome to share coffee, tea & sugar packs so that there is something for everyone to enjoy

Public dishwashing area, dishwashing line

  • Do-It-Your-Selft service – use, clean up, leave clean
  • Please only USE the dishwashing line at the public cooking and dining area for washing up
  • Here the waste water is discharged into a tank
  • There is a pre-wash station, 2 double sinks and draining areas
  • DO NOT use the dishwashing station for hand washing

Water / drinking water

  • The fountain / drinking water station is located near the sauna, behind Camping 3
  • The well water on the site is tested drinking water (suitable for adults / NOT tested and approved for small children)
  • Please ONLY USE the dishwashing line at the public cooking and dining area for washing up.
    -> NOT the fountain
  • If you would like to draw water from the fountain, please remember to bring a suitable bottle and/or water canister
  • The water does not have the classic “big city chlorine highly purified” taste
  • If you are sensitive about water taste, please supply yourself with store-bought water

Shopping in the surrounding area

Kiosk of the Aviation Museum

Opening hours: Fri/Sat/Sun 10.00- 17.00
Offers according to google maps (as of March the 24th)

  • Soft drinks € 2,50
  • Fruit spritzer | apple/orange juice € 3.00
  • Draught beer/ Radler € 4,50
  • Schöpfehofer various types € 2,50
  • Wine spritzer € 4,00
  • Alcohol-free beer € 2.50
  • Coffee € 2,00


Approx. 45- 50min walk or 10min by car

  • Kaufland, Finowfurt, 16244 Schorfheide approx. 3.5 km [Mon-Sat 7.00 – 22.00
  • Lidl, Schloßgutsiedlung 1, 16244 Schorfheide approx. 3.0 km/ Mon-Sat 7.00 – 20.00
  • ALDI Nord, Schöpfurter Ring, 16244 Schorfheide approx. 3.3 km | Mon-Sat 07.00 – 20.00
  • REWE To Go at Aral, Aral, B167 4, 16244 Schorfheide approx. 2.8 km/ open 24 h


There are no cash machines on the convention site. There are offers that take place for a donation. Therefore, the cash machines in the vicinity are briefly summarized for you.

  • Sparkasse Barnim
    ATM Hauptstraße 147, Schorfheide
    Opened: Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon 05.00- 23.00
    Approx. 2.5 km > 30 min on foot, 5 min by car
  • Berliner Volksbank SB-Filale
    Hauptstraße 140, Schorfheide
    Opened: 24/7
    Approx. 2.5km > 35 min on foot, 5 min by car
  • ING-Geldautomat
    Aral-Tankstelle, An der B167
    Opened: 24/7
    Approx. 2.8 km > 40 min on foot, 6 min by car
  • Euronet Geldautomat
    An der B167, Schorfheide
    Opening hours not known
    Approx. 3.4 km > 45-50 min on foot, 7 min by car


Museumsstraße 1
16244 Schorfheide

(Link Google Maps)

Rail & public transport

Nearest bus stop:
Finowfurt Post, Linie 910 (ca. 2 km)

Nearest train station:
Hauptbahnhof Eberswalde (ca. 10 km)

„RE3 Nord“  from Berlin main station direction Stralsund.
Get off at Eberswalde station, change to bus line 910 to Finowfurt.

Cars & Parking

(from Berlin) A11 direction Prenzlau / Stettin, exit Finowfurt.

Turn right at the first set of traffic lights and then follow the signs.

Parking spaces are available.

Arrival, opening hours

The entrance is occupied:
Friday, May 17, from 12:00 to 20:00

  • If you arrive outside this time slot (Friday after 8pm, Saturday or Sunday), you can call the entrance to get your wristband and be admitted (phone number at the entrance).


Montag, 20. Mai, bis 13:00 Uhr

  • Take your garbage with you when you leave so that we can leave the site clean.

Sustainability: Recycling & waste

  • Together with all of you, we would like to keep the costs for waste as low as possible
    We have only planned one large container of household waste
    • Avoid disposable packaging. Use reusable products such as crockery, cans, bags and cutlery
    • If possible, please take your paper, recycling waste, bottles and returnable bottles back to the nearest town
  • Please take home all the food you have not used
    • Organic waste belongs in the household waste container, not on the museum grounds
  • Please do not leave any bulky waste behindPlease do not leave any cigarette butts or small items of waste on the museum grounds
  • Pocket ashtrays and your own small bin bags are great
  • Dispose of the rest of your unavoidable waste in our containers