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Location Details And how to get there

An amazing location to explore…

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we have a unique location with surprising details to discover.

Just like last year, we’re guests at Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt, and we have our own corner of the old airport reserved for us.

There are valuable historical exhibits on the grounds. These may not be climbed on or attached to. The hangars may not be climbed on either! Everyone please stay down.

During opening hours we share the area with the museum visitors and might encounter a curious glance here and there. In our experience they are harmless and don’t bite, but we’ll take measures they don’t lick the fireprops (again) 😉


Museumsstraße 1 
16244 Schorfheide

(Link Google Maps)

Traveling there by public transport

Closest bus stop:
Finowfurt Post, line 910 (about 2 km)

Closest train station:
Hauptbahnhof Eberswalde (about 10 km)

Want a first impression?

Have a quick look at the pictures below, or move over to our media-gallery.

Interested? Of course you're interested!

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination, kindled your curiosity, and are eager to participate.

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