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Fire safety Workshop Content

Target Audience: Beginner and Advanced Fire Performers

Duration: Maximum 20 Minutes

Available Equipment: Fire blankets, Person fire blanket, Fire extinguisher, First Aid Kit


  1. Introduction and Welcome (2 Minutes)
  2. Appropriate Clothing and Hairstyling for Fire Dance and Play (3 Minutes)
  3. Overview of the Firespace and Safety Equipment (4 Minutes)
    • Boundaries and safety zones
    • Position of the Dipping Station and Quick Dip Station
    • Position of the tool stands, Shake Off Area, fire blankets, and person fire blanket
  4. Dipping Station and Quick Dip Station (5 Minutes)
    • Proper procedure for Dipping and Quick Dip
    • Instructions for Shake Off
  5. Behavior in Case of Danger: Use of the Person Fire Blanket (3 Minutes)
  6. Safe Extinguishing of Fire Tools (4 Minutes)
  7. Mindful Interaction with the Environment and Other Fire Performers (3 Minutes)
  8. Fire Safety Roles and Responsibilities (2 Minutes)
  9. Questions and Answers (1 Minute)
  10. Opening of the Firespace and Conclusion (1 Minute)