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About us and our history

Who are we…

and how did this all start?

After the pandemic hit in 2020 our regular meetings and conventions came to a halt, and we were forced to await better times.

Towards the end of 2021 it was clear that not all festivals from the past would return, and we began thinking about organizing a new convention close to Berlin.

our roots

This troupe has emerged from the Berlin Firecircles (link) fireplayer meetings and conventions. It started with a small gathering from the region, and over the years our circle has (fortunately) grown steadily, so that it is no longer merely a Berlin group, but consists of many friends and new people from all over Germany and Europe.

The past four years we have worked under the name Feuercamp (link), organized many fiery events and hosted tree awesome conventions in Grunewald.

our future

Shortly before the winter holiday season we’ve found each other, started sharing our vision for future flow & fire meetings, and began solidifying the plans for a convention in 2022.

After a few minor hiccups in finding a suitable location near Berlin we did a smaller test run with the core team, and found a great location for a larger convention. In May 2023 our first official convention took place here, we had an amazing time and are looking forward to next year!

and you!

Parallel to the organization of Ostflimmern we’ve set up our own association FlowArts e.V. (link) to support the organization of our conventions, training meetings and events.

We’re always looking for more passionate fire players, jugglers, flow or movement enthusiasts (beginners or experienced) to share our knowledge, participate and play with – so don’t be shy, and connect with us!

With fiery greetings,

Your Ostflimmern Orga Team

Ostflimmern Crew

Interested? Of course you're interested!

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination, kindled your curiosity, and are eager to participate.

If you’re also looking forward to learn more about the con, and not miss any update, there’s only one thing left to do…